Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dan Szuba
Design Plan
Professor Weilgos
13 March 2014
Photo Essay Design plan
The context of my presentation is as follows, is cardiovascular endurance as important as muscular endurance and development when it comes to weight loss. The intended audience would in turn be an individual who is looking to start going to the gym to lose but cannot decide on which route to choose; cardio or strength training. The actual audience will most likely consist of my teacher and fellow peers in class.  Ideally, I want to show that there is a clear distinction between muscular training and cardiovascular training. I want my audience to see and understand that muscular training helps to make a body stronger and lift more weight with less fatigue. I also want my audience to see that cardiovascular training actually stimulates the body to burn fat. In both instances I will show examples of the types of training that are involved. The only concern I have that goes with this topic is if I can really make a strong distinction between how cardio helps with fat burning and how strength helps in becoming stronger. I want the photo essay to leave a sort of motivational feeling that might cause viewers to even go out and try some of the cardiovascular exercises in the photo essay with the intention of trying to become a little healthier and fitter.
I am most likely going to use a PowerPoint presentation with pictures that were taken by me. The opening photos will represent the struggle most people feel when looking to lose weight. The images then will reflect what the differences are between cardiovascular exercise and muscular exercise. The captions under the images will help to shed a little more light and information on the specific fitness exercise.  I am going to use still shot images of different exercises that pertain to cardiovascular and muscular endurance. The images are framed with a thin white line so that they “pop” against the black canvas behind them. I am going to use “imprint MT shadow” font because it has a sense of professionalism with it and one of my main goals is so that people feel informed. My friends will help me with images of exercises in the gym that pertain to cardio and muscle development.
Ethos: I want to come across as an informative person who is not too authoritative. I also want to sound like someone who knows their information.  The images are still-shot images of either me or a friend performing exercises that would be found in the gym. The way the images are taken and cropped, will add a sense of professionalism to my overall credibility throughout the essay. I also decided to use a text type that did not look bland and unappealing but also did have that sense of professionalism along with it.
Pathos: The way I decided to make my photo essay will allow me to keep the photo essay professional and informative. The photo-essay will be based on a black and white theme so that it reflects the same qualities found in a newspaper or informative article.
Logos: The photo essay will have images and captions that will both explain why certain exercises are more beneficial to fat burning. The images will show the exercise and the captions will have a little more information on the specific topic. Ideally I want the audience to realize that there is clearly a difference between muscular exercises and cardiovascular exercises.
Testing: There will be a peer review day on March20th in which my peers will look at what I have done and then analyze it.

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